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Amin's Mighty Tune & Brake Locations & Contact Info

100-2428 King George Blvd
Surrey, BC

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Amin's Mighty Tune & Brake coupons in Surrey, BC courtesy of

Tune-up $10.00 off at Mighty Tune & Brake. Keep your fluids topped up, clear out debris, find little problems sooner before they become bigger problems. Keep your vehicle in optimum condition and avoid potential hazards and disasters by  with a tune-up service from Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey.

Tune-Up $10.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
Alternators $20.00 off. Once your engine is running thanks to the battery and starter, it's the alternator that keeps things going by keeping the battery charged so you can have things working such as lights and radio. If your alternator is faulty, however, not only will these items fail but the unreliable power will eventually affect your whole system, causing your engine to fail.

Alternators $20.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
Monroe shocks & struts $10.00 off

Monroe Shocks & Struts $10.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
Check engine light scan from $44 + tax. Don't ignore the check engine light warning. It can come on for a number of reasons. While some may not imminently life-threatening to you or your vehicle. However, the longer you wait to get any of these repaired, the more damage you are doing to the car, possibly the environment, and possibly even yourself and your passengers. So, we suggest you not ignore the light and come to Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey for your Check Engine light diagnostic service as soon as possible!

Check Engine Light Scan $44

100-2428 King George Blvd
Timing belt replacement $25.00 off. If you suspect your timing belt is going, come to Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey before it's too late. It is essential to get your timing belt replaced before it becomes a larger problem, as a completely broken timing belt can cause catastrophic engine damage that would require entire engine replacement.

Timing Belt Replacement $25.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
Head light bulbs from $19.99 + tax

Head Light Bulbs $19.99

100-2428 King George Blvd
New radiators $20.00 off

New Radiators $20.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
Transmission flush from $149.95 + tax. Your transmission's fluid is its lifeblood. Without it, your gears will shred and your vehicle will seize. We don't want that to happen! If your fluid is a brownish colour it could be full of debris which hinders coating, lubrication and cooling and damage your transmission. Keep your transmission in tip-top shape by having transmission service done by the experts at Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey.

Transmission Flush $149.95

100-2428 King George Blvd
Wheel bearings $20.00 off

Wheel Bearings $20.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
Water pumps $20.00 off

Water Pumps $20.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
2 wheel disc brake $25.00 Off

2 Wheel Disc Brake Special $25.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
Engine coolant flush from $89.95 + tax

Engine Coolant Flush $89.95

100-2428 King George Blvd
Brake Inspection FREE. Is your steering wheel shaking when you brake? That's not supposed to happen and means something is amiss in your braking system. We take brake repair and inspection very seriously. Whether it is Worn or dirty brake pads, warped rotors or guide pins that need servicing, we can take care of it and have you back on the road in no time.

FREE Brake Inspection

100-2428 King George Blvd
Debris, grit, and sludge in your power steering affects the driving of your car. This debris can cause damage and leaks with the eventuality of a loss of power steering which is very serious and scary issue, especially while travelling at high speeds. A power steering flush is actually one of the more important things you can do for your vehicle as regular scheduled maintenance. It is a preventative measure just as any other fluid flush. Talk to the pros at Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey to determine the best time for your power steering flush to vastly improve the handling and safety of your car.

Power Steering Flush $69.99

100-2428 King George Blvd
Serpentine belt replacement $10.00 off

Serpentine Belt Replacement $10.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
Muffler exhaust $10.00 off. A poorly performing exhaust system is detrimental to the entire vehicle's performance. Keeping the exhaust system functioning optimally is vital to the health and safety of everyone involved, from you the driver to the passengers in your car.

Muffler Exhaust $10.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
AC recharge from $99.99 + tax

AC Recharge From $99.99 + Tax

100-2428 King George Blvd
Oil change $10.00 Off.  Regular oil changes are needed to help keep your car running smoothly.  Additionally, regular maintenance of your vehicle ensures that you are sticking to your car's warranty program. We do warranty-approved oil changes so there's no requirement to take the car to your dealer.  All supplies used are specific to your make of car.
Call to book your appointment today

Oil Change $10.00 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
$20 Off Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment $20 Off

100-2428 King George Blvd
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